Care Quality Commission (CQC)


Our supported housing services with care are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). They
monitor, inspect and regulate our services to ensure that they meet the fundamental standards of
quality and safety. CQC carries out unannounced inspections of services providing care and publishes
its findings together with performance ratings designed to help people choose care. We are glad to
announce that we are CQC registered and once we have had an Inspection, our ratings will be listed
within our services’ individual information pages along with links to the CQCs website where you will
be able to read full inspection reports.

Our Pathway


Individuals require different levels of support at any given point in their recovery, we reflect this need by:

 Providing a complete community pathway for social care support, from enhanced supported
living services right through to outreach support and employment opportunities.
 Supporting clients from discharge from acute psychiatric settings and progressively stepping
them down into appropriate environments as they successfully reach a level of autonomy
appropriate to them.
 Offering a complete bespoke service delivery, from sourcing and purchasing a property to
renovating it to exceptional standards, being ready to provide the service within a short
space of time.



Referrals are typically received directly from commissioners or social workers on behalf of a
potential client. If you wish to make a referral. Please contact us at
Should you wish to make a referral to our service, we will initially require the clients updated risk
assessment and support plan and any other relevant documentation. We will then conduct an initial
assessment with the client in person, over the phone or on Zoom depending on the method most
comfortable to the client.

The Referrals Process